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  • Legacy Door – psychic thriller novel

    Cousins Venessa and Dan never got along as children, as each tried to cope in their own way with life in a family repeatedly struck by death and trauma. But just as they start making their own ways in the adult world, new tragedies arise, and ancient secrets prove too daunting for either of them to unravel alone. Now, they have to discover whether they can save themselves by acting together, or whether they’ll only pull each other closer to the doom that has always lurked just out of their sight. Available on ebook and paperback!

    Cover photo by Roxana Enache, back cover by Gin Ton.

  • Immunities audio drama


    From the author, director, and most of the cast of Companions (plus a bunch more) comes Immunities, a scifi thriller audio drama, presented by Dueling Genre Productions. It’s a story about ALMOST everyone being against you.

    You can make sure you get the episodes as they’re released, and listen to our preview right now, by subscribing on iTunes, Stitcher, or using the RSS feed.

    You can also listen to them directly at the Dueling Genre website.
    Here’s the page for the preview.

    Detailed Immunities press kit here.

  • Insistent Oracles – a novel

    Hamletseries creator Bob J. Koester has written a science fiction novel, and it’s now out in paperback, kindle, and audiobook. It’s the story of two astronomers who think a light in the sky might be an alien spacecraft, and find themselves unexpectedly linked to it and to each other.

    Art is by Tama Wang, who has a lot more great stuff here.

    There’s an audio trailer on Soundcloud, and more info on the various editions below (or through Audible or iTunes)…

  • COMPANIONS audio drama launched!

    COMPANIONS, a science fiction love story in audio drama form, is now available everywhere on the internet I can think to put it.

    If you’d like to experience it with some abstract visuals I added, check it out on YouTube (in three parts)…

    or you can listen to the whole thing right here…

    or download it on MP3 here or here. (Thanks to for hosting.)

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  • Hamlet: The Series

    Want to see some Shakespeare, considerately cut into episodes that each deliver a dose of drama via old and new ideas? Check out this series. Still not sure? Maybe start with this trailer…

    The rest is at…