COMPANIONS press release

Romantic Science Fiction Audio Drama COMPANIONS Released

Companions, a science fiction love story in the form of an audio drama, is now available free for audio streaming, download, or viewing with abstract computer graphics.

In the far future, Earth’s power supply relies on solitary space station commanders, scattered across the stars. These isolated men and women turn to technology to ease their loneliness, and discover a man-made threat to the future of humanity. Along the way, everyone involved confronts the dangers and rewards of opening up to other beings. This science fiction love story is presented as a full-cast audio drama, accompanied by abstract computer animation

Companions, now an Official Selection at the Hear Now Audio Fiction Festival, first appeared as a stage play, workshopped and performed by Chicago’s Coffee & Whiskey Productions as part of their Script Pub program. The approval and insights of the Script Pub audience inspired the playwright, Bob J. Koester, to create this audio version, funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, and also to implement the graphics that accompany the video version.

The six area actors who perform in the audio drama include…

Stacey Tappan, an internationally renowned opera singer who brings her considerable vocal passion to the part of Cailyn, a traumatized scientist who tries to overcome first her isolation from humanity and then the events that threaten to cut her off from it forever.

– Newcomer Wesley James in a breakout role as Co, a computer that shapes the story as it grapples with the social and survival needs of its human charges, weighing what they say they want versus what it thinks they need.

Amelia Finefrock, a young American Idol finalist who channels her exuberance into playing Tina, a mysterious girl vitally interested in these events for reasons that only become clear as the story reaches its climax.

A full set streaming & download links can be found on the launch announcement. A full mp3 can also be downloaded directly from here…

…and the video version (split into three parts) can be found on YouTube…

Full cast list and credits are on our website…

Some of the concepts involved were discussed in this interview with Audio Drama Digest

Companions was an Official Selection (gold level) at the 2017 Hear Now Audio Fiction And Arts Festival.

Companions received 4 stars out of 5 from Audio Drama Reviews.

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