Immunities Background

If you’re looking to review what’s happened on the show so far, you can check out these scripts…

1.1 – Sisterhood / 1.2 – Wake / 1.3 Volunteering / 1.4 – Delivery / 1.5 – Subject / 1.6 – Resolve / 2.1 – Subversion / 2.2 – Speculation /2.3 – Visitation / 2.4 – Persuasion / 2.5 – Infraction / 2.6 – Revelation

…and this glossary of terminology:

THE LOOK – The transmission of alien energy from space or an altered person to an unaltered person, which transmission is perceived as a subtle light. The term is also used to refer to the night when the alien energy first reached Earth. The transmission consists of three parts:

The Primary Transmission – establishes contact
The Alpha Wave – makes the target docile and sleepy; can be transmitted & recorded
The Beta Wave – transforms the target’s brain; only works through a direct, real-time line of sight.

LOOKERS – A derogatory term for the 99% of humans altered by the alien energy, and driven to transmit it to others.

ALTERED PERSON – A more polite term for LOOKER.

UNALTERED PERSON – Someone not altered by the alien energy. UNALTERED PEOPLE consist of the blind and about 1% of the sighted. Of the latter, 95% are OVERLOOKED, the rest some form of IMMUNE.

OVERLOOKED – Sighted people who have never had eye contact with a LOOKER. It is estimated that 99.95% of these would be altered if they ever did have such eye contact. They live in remote areas the LOOKERS did not reach during THE TAKEOVER, areas referred to as OVERLOOKS. The LOOKERS stay away from them as part of the TRUCE.

IMMUNES – People who have had eye contact with a LOOKER and have not turned into one. Approximately 0.05% of those exposed.

PRIMARY IMMUNE – The majority of IMMUNES. Being immune to the Primary Signal, they cannot receive the LOOK and are completely unaffected by it.

BETA IMMUNE – Less than 1/3rd of IMMUNES. Being immune to the Beta Wave, they cannot become LOOKERS, but exposure to THE LOOK puts them to sleep and may have long-term effects on their brains. They can distinguish LOOKERS from UNALTERED by seeing a subtle light behind their eyes, and by the fatigue effect.

ALPHA IMMUNE – Less than 1/10th of IMMUNES. Being immune to the Alpha Wave, they are not put to sleep by THE LOOK. However, the first time they do sleep, their brain is partially transformed, so that they they have LOOKER priorities, but it also becomes closed off from the primary signal, so they can neither transmit nor receive THE LOOK.

ALPHABETA IMMUNE – Less than ((1/3rd x 0.05%) x (1/10th x 0.05%)) of humanity, i.e. less than one in 133 million people. Would theoretically be immune to both the Alpha and Beta waves, and thereby not become a LOOKER, ALPHA, or BETA, but would receive the LOOKERS’ informational signals, although their brain would not be designed to interpret them like a LOOKER does. The full effect of this is unknown.

STAYER – An IMMUNE who continues their former life and associations with those who have turned into LOOKERS. Some UNALTERED disapprove of this.

THE RESISTANCE – An organization with the goal of resisting the LOOKER takeover of Earth and eventually reversing it. All IMMUNES except ALPHAS are expected to cooperate with this, and are actively recruited and assigned tasks appropriate to their abilities (including writing monthly reports on LOOKER activity). Full-time members include COURIERS, who take information between LOOKER-controlled areas and OVERLOOKS, and GUIDES, who do the same thing with non-immune people. Both of these latter activities are technically illegal under THE TRUCE and can result in arrest by LOOKER authorities.

THE TAKEOVER – The 3-day period after the initial LOOK when LOOKERS proliferated and seized control of human civilization, encountering scattered and mostly disorganized resistance.

THE TRUCE – The agreement between the LOOKERS and the UNALTERED that the UNALTERED would refrain from violent reprisals (including nuclear retaliation) against the LOOKERS, if the LOOKERS would stay out of the OVERLOOKS and allow the UNALTERED to remain that way.

RETROTECH – A facility engaged in recycling technology that is no longer needed by the LOOKERS, including computers, displays, and televisions.

DATA EXCHANGE – A facility where LOOKERS acquire information, for instance through reading, and then transmit it to other LOOKERS.

THE LIAISON OFFICE – A LOOKER-controlled government body regulating and enabling projects that require interaction between the ALTERED and UNALTERED.

NEWDOLLARS – A currency issued by the new LOOKER government. Scarce among the UNALTERED.

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