I M M U N I T I E S press kit

website: http://immunitiesdrama.com email: immunities@hamletseries.com facebook: immunities twitter: @immunitiesdrama status: Seasons 1 thru 5 are live. Season 6 premieres September 22nd, 2021. trailer: season one – season two announcement gif About¬† I M M U N I T I E S Immunities¬†is a science fiction / suspense audio drama podcast available free for audio streaming and […]

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COMPANIONS press release

Romantic Science Fiction Audio Drama COMPANIONS Released Companions, a science fiction love story in the form of an audio drama, is now available free for audio streaming, download, or viewing with abstract computer graphics. In the far future, Earth’s power supply relies on solitary space station commanders, scattered across the stars. These isolated men and […]

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