1.3 Volunteering

IMMUNITIES EPISODE 1.3 – VOLUNTEERING SETTING – Underground Security Office. Literally underground, basement room with office equipment humming. SOUND: Craig hunts & pecks a message on a laptop computer. SOUND: Knock on the door. CRAIG Yeah? (THERESA BREWSTER, a very focused, athletic young woman pokes her head in. She speaks very correctly, but as if […]

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1.2 – Wake

IMMUNITIES ep 1.2 – WAKE SETTING – Railroad embankment near the Scholl house. Distant train sound, closer sound of Roxanne walking on gravel. Sound of Dominic running on gravel starts distant and gets closer. DOMINIC Hey Rox! Wait up. SOUND: Dominic’s running gets closer still, then skids to a halt. ROXANNE (subdued) Hey, Dom. DOMINIC […]

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1.1 – Sisterhood

IMMUNITIES episode 1.1 – SISTERHOOD SETTING – Roxanne’s room. It is very quiet. The only sounds are those that would be present throughout the night, such as crickets. (ROXANNE SCHOLL, a serious woman in her early twenties.) SOUND: Alarm going off, extremely quietly. ROXANNE *moans discontentedly, not wanting to wake up* SOUND: Alarm being shut […]

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COMPANIONS press release

Romantic Science Fiction Audio Drama COMPANIONS Released Companions, a science fiction love story in the form of an audio drama, is now available free for audio streaming, download, or viewing with abstract computer graphics. In the far future, Earth’s power supply relies on solitary space station commanders, scattered across the stars. These isolated men and […]

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