2.6 – Revelation

EPISODE 2.6 – REVELATION SETTING – Outdoors, birds. Footsteps. DOMINIC Rox! You’re out! ROXANNE (stoked) Yep! DOMINIC DId you get it! ROXANNE I did, miraculously. Did you ever doubt me? DOMINIC Always. ROXANNE C’mere. They kiss. ROXANNE *takes a deep cleansing breath* If I ever talk about doing something like that again, tell me not […]

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2.5 – Infraction

EPISODE 2.5 – INFRACTION SETTING – Dreamy non-space. SHELLY (V.O.) Jim, I’m not sending you a long message this time. Things are too crazy. I can’t navigate what I can tell you and what I can’t, and I really don’t want to lie to you. Be careful, be safe, be brave. The world is counting […]

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2.4 – Persuasion

EPISODE 2.4 – PERSUASION PRE-TITLE SETTING: Dreamy Nowhere SHELLY (V.O.) So now maybe I’m not even real. My enemies definitely think I exist, but my friends aren’t so sure. I know you believe in me, Jim, even though your partner Martha doesn’t. Are you guys like the Mulder and Scully of the Resistance? If so, […]

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