3.2 – Options

Immunities Episode 3.2 – Options LORNA (VO) I have worked some crap-ass jobs in my time, but I’d somehow managed to avoid pouring out buckets of actual crap until this one. Even if there hadn’t been the kidnapped thing, the fear-for-my-life thing, or the danger-of-being-taken-over-by-aliens thing, emptying those buckets would have been enough to make […]

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3.3 – Choices

Immunities Episode 3.3 – Choices CANDACE Molly, you should think more about this. The situation is complicated. MOLLY Ha! You sound like one of them. “Everything is complex. Everyone is an exception to the rule. The conditions everywhere make things different from everywhere else. You have to use common sense.” And the result was a […]

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3.1 – Alternatives

SCENE: DEREK’S TRUCK CAB. Truck is in motion. WOMAN 1 (on radio) Law enforcement authorities have repeated their call for any information on the whereabouts of Candace Majeed, Molly Olinger, Kelsie Habcek, or Tyra Valdez. These women, all seemingly unacquainted with each other, and all between the ages of 20 and 30, have been reported […]

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