Here’s a little of what’s been said about the Immuinities audio drama podcast…

Was a finalist for the 2018 Parsec Award for Best New Speculative Fiction Podcast.

One of “9 Fiction Podcasts That Are Just As Entertaining As Any Audiobook” – Bustle.

“Check out Immunities if you want to give yourself a good scare!” – Geek Girl Authority

“This slow-burn season from the Immunities team worked, especially when following the intense, hard ride that was season one.” – Audio Dramatic

“Science fiction and thriller meet real life in this unique podcast.” – The Mission’s list of the 25 Best Fiction Podcasts.

One of the Bello Collective’s “Indie Audio Dramas You Should be Listening To in 2018“.

“It’s an excellent voice cast, with the grizzled commander, spirited academic and rebellious teens. They’ve got sparky dialogue, and are all written pleasantly distinctively.” – The Cambridge Geek

Immunities received a positive 8/10 writeup from Little Human Reviews.

Immunities has a 5-star (highest) average rating at iTunes / Apple Podcasts. User reviews include…

“It’s part invasion of the Body Snatchers, part political story about living in an occupied nation. The lead actress is particularly strong, Can’t wait to see where this goes.”

“This podcast will make you stay in the car until the episode is over.. and then maybe not want to get out. Amazing performances all around.”

“Great music, writing that’s got me hooked, and good sound effects…”


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