4.2 – Shelter

IMMUNITIES EPISODE 4.2 – SHELTER PRE-TITLE SCENE – Liaison Office LILIAH Governor Lee! LEE Yes? LILIAH I was hoping that you were still in the building. LEE Only just; I am scheduled to leave for the capital immediately. What is your name? LILIAH Liliah Andreou. I work here. LEE And what is it you wish […]

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4.1 – Fallout

IMMUNITIES episode 4.1 – FALLOUT SCENE: Outside of Scholl house. Roxanne is walking toward her front door. ROXANNE *hums Yellow Rose Of Texas* Roxanne puts her key in the door. Liliah, the Looker identified in previous seasons as Woman 1, approaches her unseen. LILIAH Hello, Ms. Scholl. ROXANNE *is startled* LILIAH I am sorry if […]

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