Appearances by Bob J. Koester

PODCASTS: All episodes in the Immunities feed. Jay & Silent Bob Minute: Mall Rats Minute 58 – A Villainous Drink Of Water Jay & Silent Bob Minute: Mall Rats Minute 59 – RIP Burt Reynolds Jay & Silent Bob Minute: Mall Rats Minute 60 – Chris The Creepy Cuddler Jay & Silent Bob Minute: Clerks […]

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2.6 – Revelation

EPISODE 2.6 – REVELATION SETTING – Outdoors, birds. Footsteps. DOMINIC Rox! You’re out! ROXANNE (stoked) Yep! DOMINIC DId you get it! ROXANNE I did, miraculously. Did you ever doubt me? DOMINIC Always. ROXANNE C’mere. They kiss. ROXANNE *takes a deep cleansing breath* If I ever talk about doing something like that again, tell me not […]

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2.5 – Infraction

EPISODE 2.5 – INFRACTION SETTING – Dreamy non-space. SHELLY (V.O.) Jim, I’m not sending you a long message this time. Things are too crazy. I can’t navigate what I can tell you and what I can’t, and I really don’t want to lie to you. Be careful, be safe, be brave. The world is counting […]

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2.4 – Persuasion

EPISODE 2.4 – PERSUASION PRE-TITLE SETTING: Dreamy Nowhere SHELLY (V.O.) So now maybe I’m not even real. My enemies definitely think I exist, but my friends aren’t so sure. I know you believe in me, Jim, even though your partner Martha doesn’t. Are you guys like the Mulder and Scully of the Resistance? If so, […]

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2.2 – Speculation

EPISODE 2.2. – SPECULATION SETTING: Dreamy non-space. SHELLY (V.O.) They’re using my eyes to read spy novels now. I think it’s the first time the other me has read fiction. They want to understand how a spy would think, what a spy would do. And they think that since the Resistance is so improvised, some […]

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2.3 – Visitation

EPISODE 2.3 – VISITATION PRE-TITLE SETTING: Dreamy Nowhere. SHELLY (V.O.) I miss dancing. I miss soccer. I miss pigging out when the season is done, and I even miss eating healthy when the season is starting. I miss laughing my ass off with my friends. I love you to death, Rox, but I’ve got an […]

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2.1 – Subversion

EPISODE 2.1 – SUBVERSION PRE-TITLE SETTING: Dreamy nowhere. SHELLY (V.O.) When my eyes look up at the sky, it’s teeming with life. It’s full of reflections of all the other eyes looking up there. They’re all searching for a connection, for someone that can help them, or who they can help. Being a Looker is […]

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