Legacy Door – psychic thriller novel

Cousins Venessa and Dan never got along as children, as each tried to cope in their own way with life in a family repeatedly struck by death and trauma. But just as they start making their own ways in the adult world, new tragedies arise, and ancient secrets prove too daunting for either of them […]

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Immunities audio drama

From the author, director, and most of the cast of Companions (plus a bunch more) comes Immunities, a scifi thriller audio drama, presented by Dueling Genre Productions. It’s a story about ALMOST everyone being against you. You can make sure you get the episodes as they’re released, and listen to our preview right now, by […]

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Insistent Oracles – a novel

Hamletseries creator Bob J. Koester has written a science fiction novel, and it’s now out in paperback, kindle, and audiobook. It’s the story of two astronomers who think a light in the sky might be an alien spacecraft, and find themselves unexpectedly linked to it and to each other. Art is by Tama Wang, who […]

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